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Things to Do

What do you do when you are 100 miles from the next town? Whatever strikes your fancy!

Gerlach is one of the primary gateways in the state to excellent hunting grounds. Get more information on the Nevada Department of Wildlife site

Surrounded by public lands, the possibilities are endless. You can take an ATV from town and explore in any direction.

The Black Rock Desert and 10 wilderness areas are right here. Make sure you are prepared before you head out. It’s big country out there. Learn more on the Friends of Black Rock website, which also contains safety information for travelers in the region.

Guru Road
In the 1970s, a man named DeWayne Williams created a mile long desert art installation. Guru Road is a landmark in the area.

Planet X
Is art your thing? Then head 14 miles up the road to Planet X Pottery where you’ll discover a world of one-of-a-kind pottery and paintings.

Hot Springs
Popular in the 70’s, Gerlach Hot Springs (Great Boiling Spring) is still listed on some maps.  The springs in town are now on private property. There are a few other soakable springs within an easy drive depending on the season.

Black Rock Desert is a paradise for rockhounding.

Fly Geyser
We get a lot of questions about the famous landform. It sits on private property and is not open to the public at this time. People have been known to get lucky if you know how to contact the right people, but you’ll have to come to town to try your hand at that.

Get to know the town and the locals
Bruno’s bar is often a hub for hunters during the season. Joe’s offers late night fun for the hearty when the timing is right. Historic and cozy Bev’s Miner’s Club is a longtime landmark.

The Gerlach Water Tower Park offer a shady respite for a break in your journey.

There may be a street dance, a chukar feed or a chili cook-off going on. However you meet them, the locals are friendly and everyone has a story or three to tell.