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Indie Press Revolution

Posted by on Apr 25, 2016 in businesses | Comments Off on Indie Press Revolution

About Us Indie Press Revolution (IPR) is a network of creator-publishers devoted to bringing you the latest innovations in tabletop roleplaying and story games. Launched December 1, 2004 with seven member-publishes, we’ve grown to connect more than one hundred small-press tabletop roleplaying and story game companies to retailers on five continents, conventions, and individual customers. What Is Our Purpose? IPR is a network of quality creator-publishers. That means we only carry the best of the small press, selling directly to customers and to discerning retailers. This approach serves two purposes. First, customers know that whatever they order from us meets a certain standard of quality because we selectively recruit the creator-publishers listed on our site. Second, creator-publishers receive a greater portion of a sale on our site than almost anywhere else because we sell direct. IPR was founded not...

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Empire Store

Posted by on Oct 11, 2013 in businesses | Comments Off on Empire Store

The Empire store first opened its doors in 1957 to help serve the families employed by US Gypsum. Owners George and Nevada Lambert ran the store for more than 30 years. The current owners, Tammy and Dana Sparkes purchased the store in 2010 and remodeled the interior. Shortly after they purchased the store, US Gypsum closed the plant and the adjacent town of Empire vacated, save a few hearty souls who still call Empire home. The Empire store is open 7 days a week, with hours that vary depending on the season. The store stocks a variety of groceries and other items, and features Gerlach/Empires best deli. Located in the town of Empire, about 5 miles south of Gerlach, the Empire Store is the only market in any direction for at least 80 miles. Stop in and stock up!...

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Black Rock Mud Company

Posted by on Jul 4, 2013 in businesses, Home Page, Uncategorized | Comments Off on Black Rock Mud Company

Black Rock Mud Company was founded in 2010 by two “mudders”: Shelly Egbert and Summer Powelson. For years, Shelly’s family has owned a special piece of property near Gerlach known as The Great Boiling Springs. Black Rock Mud is 100% organic mineral-rich mud that finds it’s way to the earth’s surface through small bubbling mud volcanoes unique to the Great Boiling Springs property. Our mud is hand harvested and hand packaged in recyclable, biodegradable, and plantable packaging made only in the USA. In addition to packaging and product, Black Rock Mud Company not only supports, but employs eco-friendly practices. Our facility just outside Gerlach is fully sustainable using only “green” power from wind, solar, and geothermal sources. “We are committed to the environment, the preservation of the desert, and a deep seated desire to share our “Black Rock Experience”...

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89.5 FM KLAP Radio

Posted by on Jul 4, 2013 in businesses, Home Page | Comments Off on 89.5 FM KLAP Radio

KLAP 89.5 Community Radio was founded by Jeff Cotton of OpenSkyRadio.  KLAP plays great American music. The station broadcast range is from Squaw Pass to Limbo Grade and parts of Pyramid Lake. For advertising inquiries contact Jeff Cotton at 530-279-6677.   Location: Secret Hours: 24/7 Contact: Jeff Cotton 530-279-6677 Website:...

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Planet X Pottery

Posted by on Jul 4, 2013 in businesses | Comments Off on Planet X Pottery

We manufacture fine porcelain and stoneware dishes and other functional items to increase the beauty in your life. We have five galleries at our location and have been in production since 1974. Location: 8100 Hwy 447 PO Box 4 Gerlach, NV 89412 Hours: Open most of the time – call Contact Info: (775) 442-1919 Email: Website:...

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Black Rock Rental

Posted by on Jul 4, 2013 in businesses | Comments Off on Black Rock Rental

Black Rock Rental offers a variety of travel trailers and supporting equipment to rent in the Black Rock Desert region. Trailers range in size from 14 feet to 33 feet, with other equipment available such as a 25′ x 35′ military tent, generators, shade structures, tables & chairs, and more. All rentals arrangements must be made in advance; sorry, no drop-ins. Location: 305 Main Street Hours: by appointment only Contact: Matthew “Metric” Ebert Website: Phone: 775-240-4961 Email:

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